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posted: 02-17-12 9:52 PM GMT
price: 45-55
city: Columbus
state: Ohio
phone #: 614-216-2143
Now including Xbox 360 slim repairs (newest version of the Xbox 360)!!!

Columbus Xbox Repair -

Does your Xbox 360 have the dreaded RROD (Red Ring of Death) or Disk errors?? I can repair it for you! $45 (RROD Repair)-$55 (DVD Drive repair) for parts, labor, and testing.

If I can't fix it, there is no charge to you! The unit will be in-game tested for 2.5 hours to ensure durability and functionality and include a 90 day money back warranty.

You will receive a signed receipt when you drop it off, and another signed receipt (with the warranty information) when you pick it up.

over 1 year Xbox 360 repair experience with over 130 satisfied clients.

Email, text/call 614-216-2143 or visit or for more information.

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