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posted: 03-15-19 11:10 AM UTC
intersection road 1: 4947 West Alexis Rd.
city: Sylvania
state: OH
zip: 43560
phone #: 1.800.252.8478
Frame’s Pest Control is proud to offer Heatigation services to treat bed bugs in your home. If you are looking for an alternative treatment to chemical products to get rid of these pesky creatures, heatigation is proven to be your most successful option. Bed bugs are sneaky; they like to hide everywhere throughout your home in shoes, clothing, and blankets, not just your comfy mattress. Not only do they hide themselves well, they are also very difficult to terminate. The temperature to kill bed bugs is 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit- which is probably quite a bit warmer than the average household.
Heatigation kills bed bugs whether they are hidden in the baseboards or out in the open, making it a highly effective treatment option. Unlike chemical treatment, heatigation drastically reduces the amount of prep work needed for the customers.Also with heatigation, you are minimizing the use of chemicals in your house which means you’ll be breathing cleaner air. Possibly the best benefit of heatigation is that you’ll see results after the first treatment, and it’s also common that the pest issue is resolved before you return home.
Tired of being held hostage by bed bugs? Give us a call at 1-800-252-8478 for a free estimate on heatigation or any other of our pest control services.

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