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posted: 02-16-12 7:06 PM GMT
Get your personalized Name Reading now from a local Columbus intuitive counselor!

How it works: I have served as intuitive counselor/psychic reader for over 20 years. Within that time, in my study of the Kabbalah, I came up with a fun new way to provide a reading--by looking at your full name. For this, I will need your full name, first, middle, and last, and any others that you care to share with me. No birthdates, absolutely no additional information. Basically, I'm looking at the vowels in your name, their placement, the association of those vowels with the primordial elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether), and the role of those elements in the narrative context of your life.
Provided are insights into:
your daily life
your personality
your emotional process
your spiritual growth
your karmic lessons
your destiny

An example can be found here:
I am now offering this service for only $20! Payment accepted via PayPal. Other forms of payment may be accepted. Reading comes in Word format, unless requested otherwise. No refunds will be provided once you receive your personal reading.


Thank you, and support your local businesses!

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