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posted: 02-4-13 9:17 AM GMT
city: Columbus
state: Ohio
zip: 43235
phone #: 614-818-9061
A picture says a thousand words.
But those words mean little unless there is meaning behind them.
When looking for someone to program your web site, it’s easy to find people offering ridiculously low prices.
To be blunt, you would be ridiculous to accept them.
Often times, graphic designers would offer to give a “great” price to design a web site.
But when it comes to the web, the design is only part of the issue.
Web sites need programming and functionality to work properly.
The web site can look fantastic, but without programming, is like a painting on the wall. It looks nice, but doesn’t do anything practical.
Columbus-based Cybervation combines the use of designers and programmers to give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to web sites.
We specialize in programming the backend of sites so you can track results.
These results are very important when it comes to tracking how your business is doing.
You can track how many people visit your site, how many people sign up for your newsletter, when people visit your site and where they are visiting from through database programming.
Programming also helps you sell items directly on your site through ecommerce.
You can also track sales, customer orders and price products and track order history and inventory through programming.
Cybervation’s web designers can take your site and make it work for you to grow your business.
We’ve designed our rates with your budget in mind.
Let us know how we can help.
Call us at 614-818-9061 and we will recommend practical solutions for your business.

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