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posted: 11-28-12 7:10 PM GMT
price: 19.95
intersection road 1: murray hill
intersection road 2: broadst.
brand: publish america
city: columbus
state: ohio
zip: 43228
model: book
condition: new
phone #: 614-634-8772
Walk with Lenora she goes in depth into some of the relationships she had in her youth sharing the joys and heartaches that went with it. Lenora deals with her traumatic moments the best way she knows how which was not always good. Lenora was raised a Christian and she thought she knew GOD'S word but she clearly did not understand it. See how GOD stayed true to HIS word in her life and never left nor forsook her. See how a loving GOD was still there to receive her when she surrendered. JESUS truly is the Knight in shining armor she waited for all those years. Glean from Lenora#39;s mistakes and see how her loving GOD the Father of JESUS CHRIST is no respecter of persons and will do the same for you if you ask HIM. We are not born perfect but HE remains the perfect GOD for us all.

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